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While I was working as an architect, a workplace consultant and a space planner, I always focussed on the needs and requirements of my clients, management and employees alike. My main interest was to listen to the concerns and issues of each member of the organisations. I analysed the needs and requirements and developed, together with the affected stakeholders, the appropriate solutions.

I thoroughly enjoyed working directly with people during my long service with one of the largest architectural practices. I have professionalised the close contact with my clients by completing a training programme as systemic business coach with a certificate from the ‘Systemische Gesellschaft’ in Germany, which I am a member of.


I work with the systemic approach. What does that mean? Foremost, there is no pathologising of the client so that the client doesn't need to be altered or 'healed'. We are dealing with behaviours which were not sufficiently supportive in the past. We develop strategies more helpful than those tested so far. Additionally, the client is regarded as the expert for his/her issues and problems. Hence, the client is also the expert for their most suitable individual solution. To explore those in a joint effort is the aim of my activities with you. I work resource-oriented and solution-focussed.

I will approach you with the greatest empathy and esteem. A non-judgemental and accepting attitude towards you as a person is crucial for me. That enables me to explore new perspectives and change perceptions with you.

My goal is to provide you with a safe environment which is entirely focussed on you and the topics you bring to the table. 

Qualities & Values

Some of my main qualities are:

  • a distinctive intuition
  • high levels of aceptance and respect
  • a good sense of humour

Important values to me are:

  • mindfulness
  • authenticity
  • trust 

In my professional life as well as in my personal environment, I have always been surrounded by a multiplicity of cultures and international influences. This was strengthened during my long residences abroad. These experiences enable me to be responsive to issues relating to multicultural backgrounds and living in a foreign environment.


I am part of the intrinsify network as well as a member of the Systemische Gesellschaft.