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GSD Coaching

What does GSD stand for? Gender and Sexual Diversity is a term that encompasses the LGBT communities but is more inclusive than that. GSD stand for the various identities a person can assume based on their sexuality and/or gender definitions. These are not limited to the duality of male and female. 

Although discrimination based on sexual preferences is outlawed in Germany, in some instances those with alternative lifestyles and uncommon identities will experience different treatment in their work environment. For example, Germany only holds a rank in the middle field of the ‘Rainbow Europe Country Index’ which measures the equalisation of gay and lesbian people. People with alternative lifestyles are preoccupied considering the consequences of a potential revelation of their differences. That keeps a significant part of their brain busy which then is not available for productive and creative tasks.

As a systemic business coach with additional training in Gender and Sexual Diversity Therapy, I would like to work with you on questions like how can the confident way of living your identity in your personal life be transferred to the professional world?

You might be confronted quite often with situations when you need to decide if you make your ‘personal matters’ public or not — starting with talking about something funny that happened at last night’s dinner with your partner. Such situations might prevent you from feeling authentic and produces an imbalance between your personal and professional personas. In return, your management potentially perceives that something is ’unclear‘ or ’in-apprehensible‘, because you must be ’different‘. However, the management subconsciously can’t put their fingers on why this may be.

In such case, the support of a GSD coach can help to asses how you would like to shape your own world of work. The focus of attention in our sessions is to increase latitude and develop your own individual solution to enable you to take charge of your own life again. Personal and professional lives are in tune again.


However, it needs to be pointed out that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach. There is no ’guideline‘ on whether the own GSD lifestyle should be revealed or not. This all depends on various factors such as your personal circumstances, your needs, and self-perception, as well as the company culture of the employer. All these aspects need to be considered carefully. I would like to support you in finding your own way to a conscious decision, and in handling possible conflicts successfully.