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Workplace Services

Any kind of change within a business will have an impact on

  • organisational
  • spatial and
  • personal

aspects. Those will influence employees positively or negatively, which needs to be considered carefully by the management. The potential for conflict can be minimised by careful preparation and thoughtful planning.

Small and medium sized businesses including start-ups who are outgrowing their current location and plan to relocate may use this as an opportunity to facilitate further cultural and organisational transformation.

The offer I would like to propose to your organisation and employees includes the compilation of a  Vision Statement and Design Brief, covers the preparation of a Change Management Program and includes the supervision of the implementation phases. my position would be the communicator between you and the architect / planner.

Vision Statement

The fundamental aspirations for the project are summarised in the Vision Statement which are developed during a facilitated workshop. We discuss general strategic questions and agree on principal requirements and workplace concept strategies. The decisions are documented in the Vision Statement which will inform the site selection process and guides you through the rest of the project.

Design Briefing

The Design Brief is a document which can be understood as a manual for the project team collecting all requirements and aspirations guiding the design process. An agreed and approved Design Brief is the foundation for all ongoing communication between client on one hand and planers and contractors on the other hand. A thoroughly developed brief will assure the implementation of the project within budget and time frame. 

Change Management

Can organisational change be expressed by a physical experience in the built environment? And how can you assure that the concerns of the affected employees are being heard and considered sufficiently? Resulting architectural changes during implementation need to be incorporated in the design as early as possible in order to minimise cost impact. A Change Management Programme can help you avoid negative reactions during the move-in process.

Today’s office environment is comparable to a machine with different functions and activities. When you buy any kind of device you normally receive some sort of a manual with it and sometimes you even read or browse through it. However, the modern office concept with alternative work settings is expected to function without it. A Change Management Program can become this manual for your future office environment.

Agreeing on protocols and guidelines will help to minimise the potential for conflict between end-users. Those guiding principles should be discussed and agreed on prior to moving in and should be valid for everyone using the workplace.