Who is Udo Maar, the Veränderungsbegleiter?

Udo Maar
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„Veränderungsbegleiter” is my own German translation of „Coach” and describes well what I do: accompanying change. For more than two decades I shaped change and supported organisations and individuals on their path to finding suitable and sustainable solutions.After graduating in architecture, I started to design corporate office.As a workplace consultant I then focussed on how employees use these offices and developed innovative office concepts.Based on this professional background combined with personal experiences, the quote from Heraclitus became more and more relevant for me: ‚the only constant in life is change!‘ Another saying that had huge influence on me is: ‚Things happen for reason.‘ A friend said that to me in a difficult situation.I couldn’t believe her but out of this difficult situation came new opportunities that lead to a very happy period in my life. I wanted to explore deeper what was behind those sayings and how to respond to change. So I became a certified systemic business coach. To investigate the emotional side of change I successfully completed a training as a wingwave® coach.Today, I navigate people, teams and organisations through processes of change on a spatial, organisational and personal level. Being in touch and working with people is something that gives me great pleasure and still fascinates me. There are magic moments when thinking takes on a new direction, when new perspectives open up and new energies can be activated. And when the person opposite me wears a smile on their face!

How do I work?

I work with the systemic approach. What does that mean? Foremost, there is no pathologising of the client so that the client doesn’t need to be altered or ‘healed’. We are dealing with behaviours which were not sufficiently supportive in the past. We develop strategies more helpful than those tested so far. Additionally, the client is regarded as the expert for his/her issues and problems. Hence, the client is also the expert for their most suitable individual solution. To explore those in a joint effort is the aim of my activities with you. I work resource-oriented and solution-focussed.
I will approach you with the greatest empathy and esteem. A non-judgemental and accepting attitude towards you as a person is crucial for me. That enables me to explore new perspectives and change perceptions with you.
My goal is to provide you with a safe environment which is entirely focussed on you and the topics you bring to the table.

What’s important for me?

Some of my main qualities are:

a distinctive intuition
high levels of acceptance and respect
a good sense of humour

Important values to me are mindfulness, authenticity and trust.
In my professional life as well as in my personal environment, I have always been surrounded by a multiplicity of cultures and international influences. This was strengthened during my long residences abroad. These experiences enable me to be responsive to issues relating to multicultural backgrounds and living in a foreign environment.
I am part of the intrinsify network as well as a member of the Systemische Gesellschaft and the wingwave® Qualitätszirkel.
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